What are your specific needs ?

Do you want to improve services or add new products?
Through structured workshops and utilising unique thinking tools and methodologies we can help you improve your sales and services or add new products.

Do you want a vision-based strategy based on the new economy?
Utilising unique a unique methodology we will help you, in a very short time, a tailored made vision based strategy for your company.

Do you want to differentiate from the competition?
Differentiation is the key to success in the new economy. Working closely with your team in a friendly learning environment we will show you how you can successfully differentiate from your competitors.

Is it time to develop a new strategy for Innovation?
These difficult times demand a well-set innovation strategy. Constant innovation is today an important prerequisite for success. We will work with you and develop an innovation strategy suitable to your needs.

Want to exploit the full potential of your employees?
Taking advantage of the full potential of your staff, especially intellectually is today a must! Unless you have the tools and the means this becomes a really difficult task. We will make it easy for you.

Is it time to evaluate your performance management?
They say that most organisations do not know the score. They do not know if they are winning or loosing. They do not know their performance and how well they do every moment in achieving their objectives. We will show you how to know the score every moment and do better continuously.

Do you want to evaluate the potential of your intangible assets?
Your company’s success relies on how well you use your intangible assets. Management, know how, strategy, network etc. We will use the best tool to help you find out where you stand and then show you how to improve.

Is it time to streamline your processes? Time to boost your productivity and job satisfactions of your staff?
You can improve processes, boost productivity, multiple profits and make your people happier too. We will show you how in a structured easy way.

Would you like to utilize a proven diagnostic tool for improvement in your business?
If you do not know where your business stand today, how can you take steps for improvement. We will do that for you. Using an efficient diagnostic tool that really works.

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by European funds and programs?
It is rue that there are opportunities to take advantage of EU funds. It also true that the process is scaring for a lot of business. They also consider it leucocratic and time consuming. With us you just tell us what you are after. Utilising a great and efficient network, we will do the rest. You can just relax.

Do you want to develop your network and network with organizations all over Europe?
Networking is a must in today’s world. It can also be difficult and time consuming. Let us grow your network and link you with valued partners all over the world.

Does your business need updated technology or technical information? Do your proposals need a professional update?
Every day hard work does not usually leave time for information on developments in your field. We will help you and make you up-to-date on new technologies and new opportunities. We will also look on your business proposals with a screening professional eye to ensure your chances for success are maximised.

Do you want to set-up business intelligence systems for monitoring competition utilizing an ethical and legal approach?
If you do not know what the competition is doing you are fighting with your eyes closed and minimum success possibilities. It is possible to monitor competition legally and ethically with the right technology and systems. We will show you how.

Do you want to learn real success strategies that will boost your business and revenues?
Why strive if you can use well tested strategies that work and have been provensuccesful to thousands of businesses. You can boost your sales, multiply your profits, have many more clients with the proper strategies. We can show you how.

Do you want to locate, promote or evaluate the potential of a technology for a new product or service?
If you have a technology, we are here to support you find the right channels to exploit it. If you need a technology we have the best network to help you find it. We will also help you with the potential of investing and support you avoid pitfalls and problems. All in the best professional and confidential way.

Do you want to learn more about competing in the New Economy?
The rules of the competition game have changed. We live in a new digital world. You cannot continue to play the new game with the old rules. You have no chance to compete this way. We will support you and work with you until you become a great player of the new game.