About us

In today’s highly competitive world, more and more organizations and their leaders, realize that quality thinking at all levels is of critical and strategic importance. The ability to think creatively is imperative in a business environment, where innovation is considered a core competency.

Innovation be integrated in organizations at all levels, promoting the same emphasis that quality, safety and efficiency has mandated in organizations for years.

Employees must learn how to become good players in the innovation game and master the basics of the quality thinking process.

Innovage Consulting, recognizing the above important facts, offers valuable services to it’s clients in the area of innovation and quality strategic thinking.

We help organizations develop their innovation and quality thinking. We utilize these core competencies, effectively treating them in a systemic way and not just as a series of separate unrelated events.

Utilizing the best and most proven methodologies in the world, we offer training in all aspects of the quality thinking process. Our unique training helps managers understand how they should handle innovation so that it becomes part of their organization’s unique culture. Our strategic approach to innovation helps organizations become self sufficient and capable. We help teams develop and manage their own innovation system so that they do not rely continuously on external support.

With our extensive Partner Network, we work with the best companies in the world, and are able to provide comprehensive products and services that make innovation, and quality thinking systems, self sustaining core competencies. This enables organizations to take advantage of the tremendous, usually unexploited, power of their intellectual capital.

Through our International Partners and Network, we assist organizations in setting up strategic targets; monitor and manage performance; evaluate the potential of their intellectual capital; set up innovation management systems; evaluate and turn their ideas into products and product improvements, and finally, participate in government and EU funded projects that will further support and enhance their competitiveness.